Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chasing the Falconers

I finished listening to 'Chasing the Falconers' by Gordon Korman this morning and I can see why so many teachers and students like it. The story is about a brother and sister whose parents are wrongly convicted aiding terrorists and are sent to prison. Because the case was so high profile, the kids, Aiden and Meg, are sent to a minimum security work farm for juveniles. When Aiden accidentally burns the farm down, the siblings, along with some other inmates, take the opportunity to escape the farm so they can gather evidence to prove their parents innocence.

The story moves along at very good pace. The action is exciting and suspenseful and the kids are often faced with difficult moral choices in the course of their adventure. These dilemmas increase in their gravity the further and longer they run, starting with stealing clothes from a clothesline to stealing a car and breaking in to a house. I look forward to listening to the rest of the series to see how the story resolves.

Here is what I've been knitting while I've been listening.
I've been working on the stripey elepant. It has button eyes, just like the Other Mother from Coraline!

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