Friday, June 28, 2013

The Bride of the Top Librarian

As promised, the next library story as written by a second grader in two chapters.  Note: I cannot read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in one library session, as much as I'd like to.

The Library
by Kylie

 Chapter One

One day a new librarian came to Marshall Lane Elementary School.  It was a Thursday so Room 27 went to library.

"Class, today I will be reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," Mrs. Richards said.  

After she read the book, she gave Mrs. Moncrief's class their cards.  Kylie got The Walking Dead [for those of you raising your eyebrows, I do not have The Walking Dead books in my library], Angelie got Beverly Cleary, and Lauren got Belle the Birthday Fairy.  

Chapter Two

The next week when Mrs. Moncrief's class [went to the library] all the books were gone!

"I only have three books," Mrs. Richards exclaimed.  "Mrs. Spencer made you wear uniforms and the next day they were gone."

"Well, let's find clues," Lauren said.

So they looked and they looked and they [looked] and they, well, you know what I mean.  But when they didn't find anything, they called the police.  So then they searched and searched and searched and then went to Chase's and Evan's house and they found all the missing books and Chase and Evan reading them.

"Arrest them," one said.  So they returned the books, arrested Chase and Evan and lived happily ever after.

The End

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Return of the Top Librarian

Today's library story comes from Evan and Chase, who obviously know a lot about their subject.

The Best Librarian Trips

At the library there was the best librarian ever known in the century.  But one day, THE LIBRARIAN HAS UNTIED SHOES AND SHE TRIPS! When she falls, she breaks her leg and she was sad :(.

The school will have to get a new librarian.  :(  But she doesn't want to leave Marshall Lane so she tries tying her shoes but they have knots in them.  She trips again.  She tries everything she can think of but it's no use!

Finally she thinks of taking off her shoes.  She hopes on top of her hopes.  She pulls off her first shoe and slowly takes off her second shoe.  She doesn't fall or trip.  she walks, walks, walks, and walks.  The library OPENS!!!!!!!! :) 

Lesson: Always tie your shoes or if that doesn't work, take them off.  Just make sure that your feet don't stink, or that will just be a whole 'nother problem!

The End

Tomorrow, a story in two chapters titled The Library.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Still more tales from the Top Librarian

Today is two-fer Wednesday.  Two short stories written by second graders about their librarian.  The first one has no title and I don't know who the author is.  Here it is:


Once there was a librarian that was new to Marshall Lane.  When she got there, there was lots of yelling.  Nobody could hear anyone, no matter how loud they talked.  So they had to shut down the school.

"I'm not happy about that."

So they opened up the school and everyone was quiet.  Nobody yelled again.

The End

This next story, also untitled, is by Alexis and Olivia and reflects the fact that I like to challenge the students to guess how many books are in the library.  Also, there is a nice illustration of the bookshelves on fire and me in the computer lab.

Untitled 2

Once upon a time, there was a librarian called Mrs. Richards.  She has may books.  One day, she wasn't in the library, she was in the computer lab.  A fire started in the library.  It started to grow bigger and bigger.  Soon, the books started to get on fire too.  Then Mrs. Richards came to the rescue with a fire extinguisher.  Most of the books weren't on fire.  At least she had lots of books.

The End

Next time, a story called The Best Librarian Trips.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More stories from the Top Librarian

This next story has a very definite bias in favor of room 27.  Also, you should know that it is due to recent budget cuts that Marshall Lane's space ship is so small.  

The Librarian Alien
by Alli

One day at Marshall Lane School, there was a library.  The librarian's name was Mrs. Richards.  One day Mrs. Richards accidentally left the library door unlocked after the school day was over.  An evil alien was hiding in the custodian's closet.  He snuck into the library and started to ruin everything!

The next day when Mrs. Richards arrived, she saw the alien still ruining things.  He was ripping the books, stamping and drooling all over the ripped books, and playing on the computer.  When the alien saw Mrs. Richards, he took out his laser gun and zapped everything to his house in space, leaving just a big, empty room and Mrs. Richards just standing there.

She told all the classes.  Nobody cared except room 27.  When they arrived for their regular library time, she told them everything that had happened.  Finally the kids said, "Well, we could get into a space ship and go get all our stuff back!"

But then Mrs. Richards said, "I don't think that would work because Marshall Lane's space ship isn't big enough to carry all the stuff. So what's plan B?"

After thinking about it, the kids said, "Well, maybe we could hop into a space book."

"That could work.  Let's try it." They borrowed a space book from room 27 and counted down: "10 - 9 8  - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - blast off" and everyone jumped into the book.  Soon they were all floating in space.  They all shouted together, "We can't believe it actually worked!"

Soon they all found the alien's house.  They knew it was his because of all the library things in the yard, including the ripped books.  Luckily, he was out, probably causing more evil.

They went inside.  They found a big bag.  They put all the library things into the bag and jumped back into the book.  One minute later, they where back at school.  The bell rang.  "Oh no!!!!!!!!" the kids shouted.  "Now we can't fix up the library!!!!!" "Hang on." said Mrs. Richards.  soon she came back.  With millions of dollars!  "This is for you for saving the library."  "No.  This is for fixing the library." said Alli.  "YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said the rest of the class.

"O.K." said Mrs. Richards.  They all went home.  The library was fixed the next morning.  After that, the alien never returned.  And they lived happily for the rest of their life.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Thank You, Mrs. Richards, Top Librarian

At the end of the school year, I receive lots of nice thank you notes from students which always make me feel good.  This year, as a thank you, I received a series of short stories about the library from a second grade class which absolutely delighted me.  I'd like to share them with you here.  In transcribing them, I took the liberty of correcting some spelling errors. The first one is titled The Library Monster and it was written by Frans.  Enjoy!

The Library Monster 
by Frans

One day in Marshall Lane School was a librarian named Mrs. Richards who loved books.  One hour in school on Monday, Mrs. Richards found a monster.  

"Oh no a monster!" Mrs. Richards shouted.  Mrs. Spencer heard her.
"What?" she said with a sigh.
"Monster!" Mrs. Richards said.
"No," said Mrs. Spencer. "It is my dog."
"Oh, wait, what dog, in a school?"
"Yes," said Mrs. Spencer.
"Why?" said Mrs. Richards.
"I'm the principal of the school."
"Oh, yeah, you are.  No monsters!"

The End

Come back tomorrow for the second story, The Librarian Alien.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I've been profiled!

My knit designs have been featured on the Canary Knits blog!  Go there and check out some of the other designers who have been featured as well.

And thanks for the kind words, Canary Knits!