Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Return of the Top Librarian

Today's library story comes from Evan and Chase, who obviously know a lot about their subject.

The Best Librarian Trips

At the library there was the best librarian ever known in the century.  But one day, THE LIBRARIAN HAS UNTIED SHOES AND SHE TRIPS! When she falls, she breaks her leg and she was sad :(.

The school will have to get a new librarian.  :(  But she doesn't want to leave Marshall Lane so she tries tying her shoes but they have knots in them.  She trips again.  She tries everything she can think of but it's no use!

Finally she thinks of taking off her shoes.  She hopes on top of her hopes.  She pulls off her first shoe and slowly takes off her second shoe.  She doesn't fall or trip.  she walks, walks, walks, and walks.  The library OPENS!!!!!!!! :) 

Lesson: Always tie your shoes or if that doesn't work, take them off.  Just make sure that your feet don't stink, or that will just be a whole 'nother problem!

The End

Tomorrow, a story in two chapters titled The Library.

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