Monday, August 16, 2010

Letters from Library Summer Camp and Library News

Friday was day two of Library Summer Camp at the county office. I attended four sessions and got some great ideas on how to do scavenger hunts in the library, an activity that's similar to Super Sleuth but may be more fun! I got some tips on selecting multi-cultural literature for the library. I learned how to be a library advocate and also got some information about the Model Library Standards that will be presented to the State Board of Education in September to be (hopefully) approved. I ran into a friend I'd made the day before and she told a funny story about how, not being from the area, she found herself having dinner at very, very expensive restaurant but was too embarrassed to get up and leave when she realized it was out of her price range! She did have a very nice meal, though.
Today I went to a training to learn how to use the new circulation software for the library. I realize that only I could get so excited about library management software, but I'm really most excited about the new online catalog. The icons are bigger and I think kids will have an easier time exploring the catalog. Other new features include pictures of the book covers, patron ratings and reviews, and teacher created bibliographies! I'm very eager to get back to school and start using it. Not much longer to wait!

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