Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some Things to Look Forward To.

These are the books in the July delivery from Junior Library Guild that will be waiting for me when school starts:

Saxby Smart, a young detective, helps people in his community by solving mysteries for them.

The story of how American Air Force Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen dropped candy to children as he flew over West Berlin during the Berlin Airlift.

The life of Henry Ford, from his childhood on a Michigan farm to his success with the Ford Motor Company, and how his Model T changed life for the working class and the American landscape.

Throughout the seasons the workers at the Village Garage are busy taking care of the town and its residents.

Meat-eating dinosaurs face plant-eating dinosaurs in a baseball game.

A girl in a large family is looking forward to her first “double digit” birthday but soon discovers that growing up brings some unwanted changes.

A look at animal symbiosis.

In the 1880s, Emma Lazarus, a writer and poet from a wealthy background, helped immigrants newly arrived in New York City. Her 1883 poem.

As graduation day approaches, Isabel tries to convince her teacher that she and Walter, both porcupines, should receive balloons on the big day just like the other children.

After Troth chooses to stay at a convent as the nuns’ infirmarian, Crispin continues to try to find his way from France to Iceland, traveling with a family whose intentions are dubious.

These pictures and summaries come from the Junior Library Guild website.

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