Saturday, July 31, 2010

Secrets, socks, and more blueberry pie.

I finally finished reading The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch (2007) which I started some time ago and set aside while I went on vacation for the 4th of July. Then I got distracted by listening to Nation and some other things. But I did get back to it and finished it just a few minutes ago. I liked this book, it had a very Snickety feel to it in the way the author breaks the "fourth wall" rule and addresses the reader directly to warn us that reading this book can put us in danger. Though it feels Snickety, it doesn't read like a Snicket knock-off. The story involves an 11 year old girl named Cassandra, a self-proclaimed survivalist, and her collaborator 11 year old Max-Ernest. They stumble upon a mystery, Scooby-doo style, involving a magician, his brother and an ancient society seeking the secret to... well, I don't want to give away too much of the plot. I'll just say that you will need to keep your dictionary nearby because this book will expand your vocabulary. This actually is the first in a series of five books, each one focuses on one of the five senses. This one revolves around the sense of smell. The characters are likable and quirky, just like the storytelling. I'd say this book is suitable for grades 4 and up.
I'm working on another pair of socks, I started them while listening to Nation, this picture is of the first one, which is actually already finished but this is the only picture I have at this moment. I'm making these for Mr. Richards but he doesn't like the color. Frankly, neither do I but I'm hoping they'll be so cozy that he won't actually mind the color.
Today I baked another blueberry pie. I really love blueberries. They are really plentiful this time of year so I think I'm going to buy more and freeze them so I can have blueberry pie in the winter!

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Cyndie Todd said...

You're killing me with the pies. I can't believe you didn't make one for me - your big sister - while I was there!

Mrs. Richards said...

Sorry! I was a little hyper-focused on the Dalek at the time.