Thursday, July 1, 2010

Of Duct Tape and Turtles

Okay, so, in my last post, I said I had some projects to finish and that I would be reading The Doom Machine by Mark Teague. Well, I finished two of projects plus another thing, and I started The Doom Machine but couldn't get into it, so I set it aside and picked up The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch. This book hooked me but, unfortunately, half-way through it, I started an audio book called The Neddiad: How Neddie Took the Train, Went to Hollywood, and Saved Civilization by Daniel Pinkwater, read by the author. Well, this was so good I couldn't stop listening to it and since I can get other things done while listening to books, that is what I did and I finished it this morning.
The story starts out simply enough, it takes place in a very nostalgic early fifties. Neddie's eccentric shoe-lace magnate father decides to move the family from Chicago to Los Angeles so they can eat at the Brown Derby restaurant. But when Neddie mistakenly gets off the train at the wrong stop and is left behind, his adventure begins to get very strange. He meets a shaman named Melvin who gives him a small, stone turtle and tells him that it's important and to take good care of it. He makes friends with a ghost and the son of a movie star who offer to drive him the rest of the way to Los Angeles. Once in Los Angeles, he meets more ghosts, a girl named Yggdrasil - which is the name of the world tree from norse mythology - and finds out that the turtle he's been given is the key to saving the world from devolution. The characters that Neddie meets on his journey are all quirky in their own special way, especially Melvin the shaman. Neddie's description of his childhood in Chicago and 1950's Los Angeles are romanticized. There is great humor in the telling of this story and it moves along at a very fast pace. My only complaint about the audiobook is that the author reads too fast. I would highly recommend this book.

And I promised pictures of my finished knitting projects, I finished these before listening to the Neddiad but I'm kind of in between projects at the moment.

These fingerless gloves go up past my elbows, very dramatic! It's the first time I've knitted something with fingers in it, even though there's no fingertips, the extra work in separating for fingers is the same. It was fun though, I'd like to make a shorter pair with full fingers.

This the sweater that needed buttons, and as you can see, the buttons are on, so that is done. Also, the duct tape in the title of this blog comes in to play here. That thing that my sweater is being displayed on is a duct tape dress form. It's a 3-d representation of me in duct tape. Pretty awesome, huh? Have you ever seen what the Mythbusters do with duct tape? I love the stuff! Truly a miracle product! As for the sock I mentioned last time, it's still waiting for a mate.

So that is all for now. Tomorrow I'm off to my parent's house in Tehachapi for 4th of July celebrations and that is sure to be a good time. I hope you all have a great time, too!

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misssnelham said...

I love reading your library blog! Keep up the amazing job, you really are my fav librarian!