Monday, March 18, 2013

Overheard in the library.

I was originally going to put this up on the Marshall Lane Facebook page, but I decided that it needed to be more than a blurb.

At lunch recess today, a mom came in looking for her son, a third grader.  He was sitting at a table with a friend and they were looking at a book together.  She spotted him at the table and then looked at me and asked, incredulously "Are they here by their own choice?" I said "Yup." She went over to the boys and asked them "Are you here by your own choice?"  They nodded and said "Yes."  She looked at me again and said "Wow, that's really great!"

 I'm not sure why she was so surprised that children would come in to the library of their own volition during recess.  Maybe it was surprising behavior on her son's part.  I don't know but the library is full of children every day at recess and many of them are reading books.

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