Monday, April 12, 2010

Neil Gaiman at your library

Mrs. Emerson and I went to the San Mateo Library to see Neil Gaiman's live webcast kicking off National Library week. He talked about libraries and librarians, censorship and the first amendment, reading and writing, and told us that the version of American Gods that is in his head is so much better than what he had written down. Wha wha what? Mr. Gaiman, can I please get inside your head? Anyway, I could have just watched it from home but I'm glad we went to the library to see it. It felt more 'live' that way. Plus, it was on a big screen and it was great to just stare at his big face for two hours. The webcast will be archived here. I don't see it there as of this posting, but check back soon. Also, go here to hear an interview with Mr. Gaiman on Minnesota Public Radio. That is all.

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