Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Invisible Boy

This book came in the last shipment of books from Junior Library Guild that I received during book fair.  I'd finally gotten those books processed and shelf ready and I picked this one up because the title caught my attention.

The first page made me laugh out loud.  It was the kind of laugh one laughs when the truth is called out.  It read "Can you see Brian, the invisible boy?  Even Mrs. Carlotti has trouble noticing him in her classroom.  She's too busy dealing with Nathan and Sophie."  What educator can't relate to that?  And I bet there are many students who can relate to Brian's point of view.

The story goes on to break your heart.  Brian doesn't get picked for either of the kickball teams at recess.  Brian doesn't get invited to parties. But Brian can draw and loves to do so.

Then a new student, Justin, comes to Brian's class and here is where the story heals your broken heart.  A simple act of kindness on Brian's part to make Justin feel welcome changes things for Brian.  Justin returns Brian's kindness and Brian is no longer invisible.  We see the transformation as Brian changes from a simple black and white drawing into a full color illustration.

This story is beautifully told and it doesn't feel preachy or teachy.  It's a simple tale of how kindness can affect both the giver and the receiver.  It's absolutely lovely and I recommend it for everyone.

Speaking of simple acts of kindness, here's a quote from one of my Fuzzy-Grams:

"To Mrs. Richards- You are such a wonderful librarian.  My favorite hobby is reading and I love coming to the library at recess."

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