Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book Fair and other arrivals.

I arrived at work this morning and found that the Book Fair had already been delivered, as if the Scholastic fairies had arrived during the night.

And as is par for the course, I also received books from three different orders.

I'll be getting even more books directly from the book fair so by the time the book fair is over, the library will have lots of new books for your reading enjoyment.  Here's a teaser:

I'm very excited about many of these titles!  And I'm very eager to see what Scholastic has sent us.  And of course, I'll need to remove some of those old books that keep surfacing to make room for these wonderful new ones.  

The Scholastic book fair will be open for business starting this Friday afternoon and running all next week.  Come by and support you local elementary school library!  

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