Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm back in the library again!

Welcome back to school everyone, now that we've made it through the first week. Here is what was waiting for me on Monday:

Those are textbooks that were waiting to be distributed. And some other things that needed dealing with. Also, there were some new books waiting for me, which is much more fun!

Plus all the books I brought back from ALA and then another box of books came!

Earlier in the week, I had a couple of snafus keeping me from getting things done as quickly as I would've liked, but I was persistent and solved my problems and today we started getting the textbooks out. Yea! Also, I was able to do some cataloging of the new books and while I was doing this, I learned a new word. I had to write it down so I wouldn't forget it because I wanted to share it with you. The word is: epistolary. As in Epistolary Fiction. This is a subject heading for novels in which the story is told through a series of letters. If you would like to know what book carries this subject heading, go to the Marshall Lane Catalog, type the word 'epistolary' in the search window and click the 'subject' icon below that.

So, I bet you want to know when you can come in to the library and see all these new books. I know this because that's about all I hear from Marshall Lane students. They say "Hello Mrs. Richards! When will the library be open?" Even as they are getting their textbooks they want to know when they can check out library books! This pleases me. However the only answer I can give at this time is "soon." Unsatisfactory, I know, but, well, there it is.

Oh! One more thing. Check out this spiffy book mark I made:

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