Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just what the Interwebs needs - more me!

So, a couple of weeks ago at the end of a blog post I confessed a childhood desire to be a writer and then whined a little bit about having no talent. Then this happened: I met the lovely editor of the Campbell Patch this morning and, long story short, I will be blogging for the Local Voices section of the website! So I've got that going for me. Anyway, if you aren't familiar with Campbell Patch you should check it out. It's a news and community site that focuses on all things Campbell. There is a Patch site for Los Gatos as well. This totally feeds my fascination with social media and how people can make connections, who may otherwise have never met, to create opportunities for each other. And I feel now that I should revise my statement about having talent. I do think it's less about "talent" and more about having something to say, finding your voice. And the way to do that is by writing. If you want to write, write; and you will eventually find your voice and have something to say.

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