Monday, May 2, 2011

The Search for WondLa

I finished listening to this fantastic book this morning. It was read beautifully by Teri Hatcher who was the voice of the mother/other mother in Coraline. Apparently there are some interactive elements to the book itself. If you have a webcam, you can go to a website and unlock animated maps using icons from the book. This is called WondLavision. This seems a little gimmicky to me and this story totally does not need gimmicks. Now to be honest, I haven't tried WondLavision yet because the library copy of The Search for WondLa has been checked out and on hold for a long time. Apparently the kids have discovered this little gem as well.
The story centers on 12 year old Eva Nine who lives alone in a future world in an underground sanctuary. She is being raised by a robot called Muthr and knows no other human contact. When her home is attacked by a vicious alien hunter, Eva sets out to find others like her guided by her 'Wondla,' a scrap of cardboard with a picture of two humans -one young, one adult - and one robot. I really don't want to tell you more than this because the joy of this book is in the unfolding riddle of Eva's existence. Here is a book trailer to tease you a little bit more.

Something else I wanted to share with you is that Comixology has come out with a Comics app for kids called Comics4Kids for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. I know I've mentioned here that I've been reading comics on my iPad in the Comixology app and that those comics are meant for adults. So I got pretty excited when I saw Comics4Kids and downloaded the app immediately. At first I was a bit disappointed because there weren't many comics in the app but each week more get released and I'm sure the selection will soon be as huge as Comixology's. For now, there are lots of Archie comics, Sonic the Hedgehog, Atomic Robo, and a short runs of a handful of other comics. I'm hoping that soon they will also have Bone, Babymouse, Star Wars, Amelia Rules, and more. I'll keep my eye on it and let you know. In the mean time, did you know that the public library carries comic books and graphic novels? Here is a link to the Santa Clara County Library webpage and catalog so you can see what they have.
One last thing, I know that physical access to the library is limited right now due to testing but you can still explore the collection and put books on hold using the library's online catalog. While you are there, why not submit a review of a book you've read recently to help others decide what to read next. If you're feeling shy, you can just rate your favorite books. You need to log on to do these things, you'll need to know your 5 digit student number and the first five letters of your last name. Be sure to log out when you're finished!

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