Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here I am at Hicklebee's again

I am so glad that I subscribe to the Hicklebee's newsletter so I can have the opportunity to see such fabulous authors as Jon Scieszka and Lois Lowry.

Lois Lowry may be best known for her book The Giver but she has written many, many other wonderful books, like her new one, for instance. Bless This Mouse about some mice that live in a church. Or a recent one titled The Willoughbys. There are many types of parents depicted in children's literature; good ones, average ones who have problems, horrible ones, and dead ones. In The Willoughbys, the parents start out as the horrible kind but then wind up the dead kind. Here is Ms. Lowry reading from The Willoughbys:

Ms. Lowry was illustrating how she tries to introduce the character and their problem on the first page of the book in order to hook the reader. Well, she hooked me! I got right on my iPhone and bought the audio book! Of course, I also bought a copy of Bless This Mouse and Ms. Lowry kindly signed it and let me take a picture with her.

In closing, I'd like to share with you something I overheard in the library today. A second grade girl was talking to her friend, she said "I'm so glad we have a library." Her friend agreed. Then she elaborated. "If we didn't have a library at this school, I would die! I'm serious, I would die."
Word, little girl. Word.

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